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I write books often featuring queer and neurodivergent characters of color, along with magic, monsters, kissing, or some combination of all three.

Fantasy Romance

Romance-centered stories with a fantastical bent.


Sasquatch Summer

  • Heat Level: High

  • Tags & Tropes: Forced proximity, size difference, light rope play, work mentor, shifted sex, hurt/comfort, touch her and die

  • Content Warnings: Death of a loved one, funeral proceedings, animal cruelty/death, explicit sex scenes, gun violence, foul language

ebook (3)_edited.png

Alder King Spring

  • Heat Level: High

  • Tags & Tropes: Grumpy/sunshine, small town wooded setting, demisexual & bisexual rep, woodland magic, sentient forest, dark cottagecore winter aesthetic, slow burn, spring thaw, loose Beauty & the Beast vibes, German folklore inspiration

  • Content Warnings: Mentions of death/dying, murder, violence/combat, explicit sex scenes, foul language 

Romantic Fantasy

Fantasy first, with a heaping spoonful of romance, as a treat.

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A Cure for Magic

  • Heat Level: Medium

  • Tags & Tropes: OT3/throuple, only one tent, bisexual rep, hidden identity, magic training, Black royals, dark academia, secret society, trauma-based elemental magic, EU-inspired secondary-world fantasy

  • Content Warnings: Violence towards animals (dog death), mention of physical abuse, mention of self-harm, death on page, blood, vomit, feces, mentioned death of parent, drug and alcohol use, mention/description of suicide

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